Rules & Social Distancing

  • Don’t go running if you feel sick. Stay home.

  • Do not gather in groups—seriously.

  • Stay six feet apart if you’re passing another runner.

  • If you regularly can’t pass safely or it’s too crowded, try running at a less popular hour or on a wider route.

  • Don’t spit or snot-rocket around others (gross).

  • Run solo or with someone you live with.

  • Carry your own water and hand sanitizer with you, and try to avoid drinking fountains and public bathrooms if possible. Wash your hands after you run.

  • If you feel that someone is running too close to you without passing you, kindly ask them to give you more space or let them pass.

  • Avoid touching your face when running, and avoid touching things like handrails or cross-walk signals.

  • If you are nervous about the crowds, stay inside and do some at-home workouts.

  • You can also Walk, Ride, Wheel, Swim, Hike, Paddle or exercise without a motor in almost any fashion!

Starting in August, all fundraisers who raise $1000 will receieve a $100 Via Rail Gift Travel Voucher, good anywhere in Canada and valid until Dec 31, 2021

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